Prakash Didi

Shrimati Prakash Kapoor, endearingly known as Prakash Didi, took Maha Samadhi on November 5, 2008. She was the foremost disciple of Swami Yogiraj Nanak and founding member of the Adhyatmic Sadhana Sangh, founded in 1971. She devoted her entire life to Him and his Mission, His teachings and His sadhana. A true Sannyasin, she served her Guru unconditionally, supervised all the activities of the Dhyan Yoga Ashram, conducted daily pujas, programs, and sublime guided Meditations. A Sanskrit scholar, educator, and Poet, she was well versed in the scriptures and poetry of the Rishis, particularly Ali Shakaracharya. She edited numerous books and Journals published by the Society as well as many collections of her own poetry. In her Mukti Sara, in Hindi, she captures her spiritual experiences, revelations as transmitted from her Gurudev.  

Prakash Didi composed a special Arati in worship of her Guru and His teachings that became a regular feature recited at all the Satsangs and programs with Swamiji. She served as General Secretary of the Adhyatmic Sadhana Sangh for nearly 40 years and Swamiji, in His sublime state wept for days when she left for His abode. 

Shrimati Prakash Kapoor, “Didi”, forever remains a source of great inspiration for all of us.