Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga is a meditative practice of tuning inward to the Cosmic music resonating within us. The Subtle body is resonating with sound and color and is the source of all created sound and creativity.  The subtle unstruck sound is called Anahata Nad and the created sound that is created through friction or an instrument is called Ahata Nad. The Anahata Nad is Sahaj or spontaneous and always there and can be experienced in a deep meditation state. Many Saint musicians and Poets have expressed this music in their creative urge to touch the essence of Anahat Nad. To name a few: Kabir, Rumi, Baba Maluk Das, Mirabai, Tyagaraja and Tukram.

Nada Yoga involves the awakening of the Kundalini shakti energy through the awakening and piercing of the Chakras and balancing of the Ida-Pingala Nadis. Diksha, based on the Dehypnotic Meditation and Nada Yoga techniques  of Swami Yogiraj Nanak has included and devised various practices of Nada Yoga to help connect to and experience this Anahat Nadam. These techniques include the use and exploration of the sound spectrum, the exploration of the gradations of sound currents from vaikhari to paravani, use of various pitches, mantras of various frequencies, breathing practices, color visualization, movement, mudras and other creative techniques.  In these practices there is a corresponding release of blocks and tension, greater flow of energy, creativity and perception culminating in a heightened spiritual awareness leading to a deep meditative state (Samadhi).