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“From the seed of detachment sown in virgin earth, the tree of yoga grows, upon which the fragrant flower of bliss and the sweet fruit of pristine, pure love are borne which give meaning to life.”

Swami Yogiraj Nanak Chand

Dear Fellow Seekers on the Path,

This month of April marks the Jayanthi of Baba Maluk Das, the poet Saint and Guru of our Beloved Guruji,  Swami Yogiraj Nanak Chand.  

In Swamiji’s book, Dehypnotic Meditation, The Door to a Voyage into the Infinite,  He writes, “Dehypnotic Meditation is designed to break the shackles of memory and free the mind from any type of bondage to others. All of us live in a dream-like state, hypnotized by men and women, overpowering personalities, children, parents, relatives, religious emblems or images or even the various objects around us. They all engross us and bind us with attachments. Wealth and worldly possessions hypnotize us and give rise to covetousness and greed; the past hypnotizes us and colors our present thinking; and the future hypnotizes us with ambitious dreams that we are forever trying to fulfill. But we are hardly, if ever aware of the present moment. We fail to enjoy its living beauty.”

We at Yogavani welcome you to re-commit yourself to daily practice in Honor of our Baba Maluk Das, Guruji, and our Higher Selves, making April a Sadhana month with daily meditation both morning and night time for at least 30 minutes each time we sit. Swamiji has given us countless meditations to chose from, this month you may check out our Monthly Sadhana page for suggested practice. We recommend keeping a quiet, comfortable, consistent location for practice, keep a photo of the Guru at eye level, and feel the Guru’s presence in your heart. He is always there, it is up to us to Realize it. You may also like to keep a journal of your experiences on the Journey. 

With Blessings and Love

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti
  Om Peace Peace Peace

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