Why Meditate?

By Yogiraj Nanak

In modern times mankind is constantly under pressure due to increasing complexity of urban life. The stress of meeting day-to-day challenges, even merely to earn one�s living, leads to the excessive to production of glucocorticoids (e.g. cortisol, lactic acid) which are known to be extremely harmful to the body, causing tiredness and premature aging. The damage caused by these substances to the cells and tissues of the body is, to some extent (10 - 25%) repaired during sleep, depending upon the quality of the sleep. 

However, if the stressed emotions continue during sleep then this recovery percentage can be even lower, at about 5%, which can damage the neurons of the brain and neuro-transmitters. It has been scientifically proven that the complete recovery and rejuvenation of the damaged tissues is only possible in the state of meditation, when all activities, physical and mental are stilled and only conscious wakefulness remains.

During meditation the practitioner can attain a state of rest twice as deep as deep sleep wherein the neurons begin to transmit positive messages to the body to secrete hormones necessary for the regenerative process. Meditation, especially if conducted under the guidance of a Master Yogi, accelerates the inner healing process and helps create harmony of the body and mind. The meditator experiences a sense of ease and happiness and finds life more meaningful and productive.