Maluk Jayanthi

Saturday, May 1st 

Message from Baba Maluk Das and Swamiji

on the occasion of Maluk Das Jayanthi 2010

"Dear Soulmates 

On this sacred occasion I invite you to ponder over the biggest obstacles on the path of spiritual development and meditation 

These are anger and conflict of desires.

Both of which emanate from ego.

An important point to remember in this regard is that the 

Mind is the bridge between the body and the soul so long the ego does not interfere. 

What is the way out of anger and conflict desires? 

I offer you the 2 "V"s to steer you clear of these obstacles 

1. Varagya -  a letting go, surrender, a touch of vulnerability, generosity of Heart

2. Viveka -  discrimination through purity of mind 

So today commit yourself to serenity of mind and generosity of heart through the 2 "V"s 

And victory is yours." 

With much, much Love 

Swami Yogiraj Nanak 

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Jai Baba Sant Maluk Das !


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